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Title: Really Just a Lie.
Fandom: Pandora Hearts
Theme: "After All"- Delerium
Pairing: Break/Sharon
Rating: PG for excessive angst.


Sharon knew the day would have to come someday. Whether she would admit it or not, the thought was always somewhere in the back of her mind. But everyday around him just made it seem like that day was so far away. She knew that if she ignored all the signs it was easy to pretend that that day would never come for any of them.

But the ugly truth was that the day finally did come for him. And the uglier truth was that she was angry with him for it.

“Milady, Sharon!” It was an unfamiliar voice that she was told that she would have to get used to. She privately refused. It was wrong. It was so wrong. “Please, we need to get out of the rain.”

“Xerxes Break” She traced the letters freshly cut into cold and unforgiving stone over and over with her fingers- down on her hands and knees in the mud atop the freshly filled-in grave. You would know better, wouldn’t you Xerxes-nii? He doesn’t know me like you do. She wouldn’t listen to this stranger. She would stay right here until she got what she wanted.

“Milady Reinsworth!”

Was I too much for you to handle? Did I ask you for too many things? After everything we’ve been through together, how could you just leave me like this?!” Somewhere in her mind she was aware of the torrential rain that soaked her right through the multiple layers of her exquisitely useless silk mourning gown. It, in all it’s chilling dampness clung to her skin in a way that she should have been concerned about. The ends and edges of the skirts were somewhere lost in the muck.

Yet the only tears cascading down her face were the ones the sky loaned her in the form of rain. One didn’t cry for someone they were angry with.

Why aren’t you scolding me? I’m ruining that pretty black dress you bought me for my last birthday. Aren’t you angry?

“Are you listening to me? Please get up.”

Isn’t that horrible? I don’t even know him, Xerxes! And he thinks he can replace you- as if that is even possible. It‘s why you need to come back, don‘t you see? No, answer, of course. Only the silent name that gives significance to the plot of grime gives weak response to her silent pleas. Why won’t you answer me? Xerxes Break, you will answer me when I speak to you!”

“Lady Reinsworth!”

“Leave me alone! Leave me here!”

I still need you, Break. I’m not ready to lose you. You followed me everywhere. So why is it that the one time I want to follow you, you go off to a place I can’t follow! She felt the hands because they were warm. They were also excruciatingly unfamiliar and the very first inclination was to violently recoil. Sharon did just that. It registered with her somewhere that she was screaming, but it was nothing intelligible. Every time he tried to slick back the sopping hair from her face, every time he dragged her just a little farther out of the sludge with his arm around her waist, it like a violation so wrong she wanted to retch.

I still love you Xerxes-nii! I still love you!

She said that it wasn’t real and that she wouldn’t cry. But that was really just a lie, wasn’t it?


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