So someone's parents are jerkfayces. So this is part Nutcracker Ballet-induced Princess Tutu fixation, and part "Hey parents, I'm making fun of you."

Title: The Christmas Pants
Fandom: Princess Tutu
Pairing: Mytho/Rue, Fakir/Ahiru
Rating: G


For as graceful as she danced now that she was no longer a magical ballerina, Fakir knew that the new ballet slippers were probably not the most practical gift of all. After all, he more than anyone knew that she was, in the end, just a duck. It was a species of bird not exactly known for its great grace.

But, he supposed, the smile on her face when she opened the box and unwrapped the little pink silk shoes from the feather light tissue paper made it worth it anyway. If that did not do it, then the slight kiss on his cheek that caught him completely by surprise did.

“Thank you, Fakir.”

Fakir tried very hard not to blush. He failed, of course, but he tried.


Rue had probably practiced several things to say when she would finally open that little red box that had been sitting on her nightstand for the week before Christmas. But when she carefully removed the paper and lifted the lid off the box, she was not prepared for the glittering stones that met her eyes.

Rubies. She loved rubies. And for a moment all she could do was sit and smile.

“Merry Christmas, Rue.”

The only thing that made the moment better was the white-haired prince standing in her doorway, ready to clasp his dazzling gift around her wrist.


Ahiru knew that Fakir wouldn’t know what to do when he opened the box that she had so carefully wrapped (even though it still turned up exceptionally messy). The stuffed duck plushie was clearly not something he was expecting, so she understood his reaction. Fakir had a tough and brooding image around the school to maintain, after all.

But he gave it a little smile and a nervous laugh and wrapped an arm around her waist. It was his way of communicating. For someone so powerful with writing, it was funny that he wasn’t so great with words.

“Don‘t worry, I won‘t tell.”

True to her word, Ahiru did not tell anyone when she later caught the duck plush in the sleeping knight’s arms.


Mytho had to admit that he was pretty surprised to walk into the small Christmas party and find not one, not two, but three presents with his name on them under the modestly decorated pine tree. One from Fakir, one from Ahiru, and one from “the rest of the student body”. He was thrilled, touched, and genuinely flattered.

Until, that is, he opened the boxes and removed the contents. That was about when the continual giggles from the party guests started.

In each of the three boxes rested a pair of neatly folded up pants.

He looked up quizzically at his friends. First to his ruby eyed raven princess, then to his green-haired knight who wore a smirk across his face- his arm around a certain clumsy ballerina.

“And we expect you to wear them too.”

Nonsense, Mytho thought with a raised white eyebrow. Why would I start wearing them now?


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